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Stories and resources for re-linking the food chain.

Small Farm Tech: Food’s Past and Future at Work

from Daniel Matthews' article on Triple Pundit It’s easy to think of the small farm as a bastion of The Way Things Used to Be. And it’s comforting. But the reality of small, organic farms is that they are constantly seeking new ways to do more with technology. They’re...

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Relocalizing Food Supply Chains with Tech & the Power of Story

Human brains are wired for story; this is what makes us human and enables us to learn, communicate, remember and act. In “Wired for Story,” Lisa Cron writes “Story, as it turns out, was crucial to our evolution—more so than opposable thumbs. Opposable thumbs let us hang on; story told us what to hang on to.”

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Erika Block Speaks About Local Ag Innovation at Grow Riverside

Erika’s presentation illustrates how the consumer demand for local food is growing despite distribution challenges and the recession. She introduces the concept of a shifting landscape whereby restaurants, hospitals and governments are creating initiatives to increase their local buying power. Erika also shares Local Orbit’s vision for relinking the food chain.

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BALLE Webinar: Join Us for a Discussion About Relocalizing Food Systems

We are looking forward to joining the Business Alliance for Local Living Economies (BALLE) in hosting a free Webinar about innovative models for admin-ajaxrelocalizing food systems later this month. On April 22, Erika Block and Noah Fulmer will lead a discussion about regional food distribution systems and a review of local models that are active throughout the country.

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Don’t Let These Three Bottlenecks Slow Down Local Food Growth in Your Community

Most of the people launching these startups have little “traditional” food distribution experience. They are mission-driven and focused on keeping food dollars in their communities. Local Orbit has made its mark creating online marketplaces for local food distribution startups. In the process, the company is been in a unique position to work with entrepreneurs developing a wide variety of business models in 12 states. There are common bottlenecks that Local Orbit found were slowing down its customers:

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White House Calls for “New Innovation Ecosystem” in Agriculture Report

In a report setting the agricultural agenda for President Obama’s second term, the President’s Council of Advisors for Science and Technology (PCAST) calls for the federal perspective on agriculture to be “reimagined” as an “innovation ecosystem”, emphasizing a new vision for science and technology in agriculture and agricultural research in the 21st century.

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