We are looking forward to joining the Business Alliance for Local Living Economies (BALLE) in hosting a free Webinar about innovative models for admin-ajaxrelocalizing food systems later this month. On April 22, Erika Block and Noah Fulmer will lead a discussion about regional food distribution systems and a review of local models that are active throughout the country. The Webinar will focus on efficient ways to keep costs low and improve long-term viability when developing a localized distribution platform. Attendees will also be the first to gain access to Local Orbit’s new Local Food Distribution Toolkit, an online resource that is packed with information to support those who are building a healthy, localized food system. Entrepreneurs who are focused on local and regional food aggregation and distribution are encouraged to register for the wait list. BALLE received an overwhelming response to an early announcement, and this session sold out in three days! Find out more about this Webinar and sign up here to be added to the wait list.

Updated 5/1/14 – check out the recorded conversation!

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