It doesn’t get much better: long summer days + talented food producers delivering fresh, quality goods to local restaurants, caterers and hospitals – within a day of harvest. The result: diners who know exactly where their food comes from, while local businesses and trading networks expand.

Local Orbit is excited that our ordering and business management tools are helping make this happen, with compelling results. We’ve seen sales through Local Orbit powered marketplaces across the country increase by 300% from the same time last year.

This growth means more buyers know where their food comes from and sellers know where their food is going. And they’re building relationships that encourage sustainability and accountability through a shorter, transparent supply chain. It also means that more money stays within communities, ultimately leading to an increase in local food economy jobs.

Tim Crosby, of Slow Money NW, has put together a compelling story on the economic impact of local food. It’s great summer reading.

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