Transparency is good for business. “The drivers of consumer value appear to have fundamentally changed, with far-reaching implications for the food and beverage industry. Traditional drivers (Taste, Price, and Convenience) no longer represent the dominant influence of consumer purchase decisions. Roughly half of consumers now weigh evolving drivers (Health & Wellness, Safety, Social Impact, Experience, and Transparency) with at least equal importance.” (Capitalizing on the shifting consumer food value equation)

Effective local food marketing can increase sales volume and profit margins. “Testing showed that when given a choice between local and non-local foods, the average sales for local products were higher than the non-local options, and consumers were willing to pay upward of 10% more for locally grown produce.” (The impact of local food marketing on purchase decision and willingness to pay in a foodservice setting)

90% of buyers in a recent Local Orbit survey want access to marketing materials to promote their local food sourcing to customers.

We are thrilled to add On-Demand Table Tents and Posters to Local Orbit’s growing list of tools to support transparency across the supply chain.

Any buyer or market manager can download table tents or posters in real-time, with producer and product stories for every order – as well as the food hub or distributor brand.

Tell the story of what’s actually on the menu this week – with a single click! On-Demand Table Tents and Posters are available on the newly released Accelerate Plan.

Current Local Orbit customers can lock in deeply discounted pricing by January 31.

Contact us for details.

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