In this season of thanks, Local Orbit is grateful for, and thrilled to support, the progress we’re seeing as we work with our customers to reshape local food economies.  

*handHivesThe foundation of Local Orbit is our “listening architecture.”  We’ve created a platform that enables us to listen to customers, listen to the market, and respond by adjusting and adding tools and services to support the rapidly evolving needs of new food economy businesses.

We’ve just released two new plans that support both individual food producers and growing distribution businesses that need more granular features to manage their operations. Read on for more details about our updated offerings.

Accelerate Plan

We’ve seen local food distribution businesses mature over the last few years, and we’re releasing new tools that will add significant capacity to support them. New features that increase efficiency and offer greater control include:

  • Advanced Ordering options (Order Templates for buyers to create and save orders, ability to create orders from past orders)
  • Granular market fees, per product & per category
  • Regular product importing and updating via .csv spreadsheet
  • Route Planning
  • Advanced Inventory Designations (ability to designate inventory to individual customers)
  • Additional Delivery Cycles (bi-weekly, monthly by day and monthly by date)

If you’re a current Local Orbit customer, you can lock in discounted pricing for the Accelerate Plan by January 31. ($1999 for the first year – a 33% discount!)

*Payment for the Accelerate Plan must be received by 5pm EST Jan 31, 2017 to lock in $1999/year price. Contact for details.

Producer Plan

As local food markets have evolved, we’ve talked with many individual farmers and food makers who are managing direct sales and deliveries through third party services, or fulfilling orders on their own. In some cases they don’t have access to a food hub or market. In other cases, producers have a mix of sales channels that they need to manage. Up to now, a producer selling through a Local Orbit market needed an account through a food hub to get the benefits of the Local Orbit platform. No more!

Farmers and food makers can create an online market to unify all their sales channels, whether they’re selling direct or through a Local Orbit powered market. Manage orders, financials, inventory, fulfillment and reporting, while maintaining an audit trail of activity to comply with traceability and food safety requirements. Use your data to improve production planning and evaluate product performance. For only $39.

Interested in either the Accelerate or Producer plan? Check out the complete Feature List and Pricing or contact us at

To learn about other Local Orbit services, check out our updated web site.

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