Hub Camp is back!

Over the past two years, Local Orbit has offered boot camps for start-up local food distribution entrepreneurs. 140 participants from the US and Canada attended Hub Camps in Denver, Los Angeles, San Diego, Davis, California, and Grand Rapids, Michigan. We’re applying our learnings from these workshops, as well as our ongoing work across the supply chain to support local food procurement and distribution, to Hub Camp 2.0 – Transparency, Collaboration & Shared Value in Local Food Economies.

This hands-on workshop will bring together leaders and change makers who have pioneered local food distribution and procurement and are now managing second stage challenges and opportunities.

Topics include:

  • Transparent Networks and Collaborative Regional Supply Chains
  • The Role of Data in Developing Sustainable Local Food Systems
  • Food Banks in the Value Chain: Creating new markets, reducing food waste, leveraging logistics
  • Defining the Local Procurement Business Value Proposition

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