Your Story is Our Story

Every day that you work to buy or sell local, sustainable food, you’re reshaping the food system—and that’s no small task.

As a hands-on partner, Local Orbit works with large-scale buyers and small and mid-sized suppliers to streamline the work of sourcing, selling, and delivering local and sustainable food, and connecting regional food systems.

Local Orbit is singularly focused on enabling transparent, safe, and fair supply chains.

We do this by providing the tools, services, and resources to:

  • Support you in getting your daily work done.
  • Make it easy to tell the story of the food you sell or serve.
  • Enable you to connect, learn, and grow.

Food supply chains are complex. Changing entrenched systems is challenging work. It takes effective partnerships and networks to succeed in the marketplace.

And it requires skills, patience, and the development of infrastructure that’s not the sexy face of the farm-to-table story — but it’s the work that drives real change.

We’re experienced partners in supply chain management, deeply committed to the work of growing local food economies and creating healthier communities. Our team has worked in all areas of food production, sales, distribution, and logistics.  We take time to understand where your organization is now and where you want it to be. Then, we develop a plan to help you get there — partnering with you every step of the way.

Local Orbit has developed affordable, easy to use technology that consolidates orders and payments, tracks and analyzes data, and supports the communications and logistics needs of food supply chains.

Our data services can help you understand the story of your data and make it actionable by visualizing trends and highlighting key insights — allowing you to make informed decisions about your business, simplify existing processes, and identify opportunities to connect with a broader network of food suppliers and purchasers.

With over 13,000 buyers, farmers, ranchers, food makers, aggregators, food hubs and distributors conducting business on the Local Orbit platform, we’ll work with you to find the right strategies, processes, and partners to grow your business — and your local food economy.

We help people build profitable businesses and healthier communities.

“Local Orbit's been our paddle. Before we just had a boat.“

I use my mini-iPad to update quantities on the fly and send invoices right from my van. So slick! Love it!”

"The best overall package in terms of product quality, service and cost effectiveness."

"Probably the best designed web site and ordering system I have ever come across."

“Thanks for being so interested in hearing from us “users” — your service really is exceptional!”

“LOVE the dashboard! Thanks for keeping the user experience in mind."

“We’re very appreciative for the ease of use the platform."

“Using Local Orbit has really helped us be more efficient.”

“We are loving the software. Our customers are very impressed and enjoy using it.”

"Very impressed. I cross checked with your other customers, and their satisfaction was very high."

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