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You don’t need fancy coolers to get started. You can begin by receiving, packing and delivering all on the same day, using a bare bones  work space. It could be in a corner of a farmers markets where producers already gather, or it could be at predetermined site, like a pack room of a farm or community center that you borrow for a morning once a week.

When you outgrow the “pop-up food hub” model and look to invest in a dedicated space, these are a few factors to consider:

  • Traffic patterns and proximity to highways

  • Proximity to farms

  • Proximity to customers

  • Proximity to your current site

  • Price per square foot – can you afford it?

  • Security of site – will your trucks get vandalized?

  • Neighbors – will truck traffic be a bother?

  • Loading docks

  • Proximity of storage to loading docks

  • Power reliability

  • Space available for growth — for storage, processing, retail

Business Model Generation & Budgeting

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