The Business Model Canvas. The Customer Journey Map. The Budget Template.


As you’ve probably figured out, there is no one-size-fits-all franchise model for rebuilding your local food system.

But there are best practices and business planning tools that can guide you toward building your operation in a smart, thoughtful way. We have adapted two excellent business design tools to a local food distribution focus. Whether you’re just getting started or whether you’re looking to grow your operation, these tools are an alternative to lengthy business plans that end up sitting on shelves (or digital folders). They’re designed to help you plan, assess and evolve. By providing a flexible framework for mapping your business and the experience of your customers, these tools offer a different lens through which to assess opportunities and solve operational challenges.

They’re designed to help you continually plan, assess and evolve – so you can develop a robust business that has the capacity to change the food system.


A Starting Place

These tools are a just starting place. They are only as worthwhile as they are useful in helping you develop your business. If the Business Model Canvas is missing a key question for your operation, add a new section! If the budget doesn’t have the right expense categories for your situation, change it make it more useful for you.  Make them your own tools.  And please let us know how you’re using them, and how they could be more helpful!  We follow our own advice and iterate based on feedback.

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