We take the long view.

Local Orbit offers a holistic mix of technology tools, custom software development, workshops, and strategic consulting – all focused on strengthening local food economies.


With seven+ years of experience providing services for the emerging food economy, we’ve developed unparalleled experience and perspective on the opportunities and challenges of businesses working to develop transparent, local, and sustainable supply chains.


We work with people as they launch new businesses and procurement programs, and as they learn, adjust, grow, struggle, succeed – and occasionally fail. 


Our team has decades of collective experience working in technology, food, and supply chains. We are founders, builders, and operators. 


  • We know how to evaluate, integrate, build, and implement appropriate technology.

  • We understand supply chains and business process.

  • We contextualize data and make it actionable, automatic and always accessible.

  • We’ve developed business plans, projects, and strategy for large corporations, small businesses, and social benefit organizations. 

  • We coach managers to lead, innovate, and succeed. 

We’ll work with you to find the right strategies, processes, and partners to grow your business — and accelerate your local and sustainable food journey.

Let us know your goals and the problems you need help solving.

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