Networked. Transparent. Local.

Seamlessly connect and collaborate on the Local Orbit platform. 


Any Market. Any Producer. Any Distributor or Food Hub.

Any Regional Supply Chain Network.

Join the Local Orbit Network

Food systems change doesn’t happen in silos. Local Orbit powers supply chain collaboration between buyers, suppliers and delivery providers in your region.

Network Planning & Optimization

Cross-selling capabilities enable local food hubs, distributors and processors to create collaborative trading networks. Value added services for institutions include supply chain mapping and network optimization to increase local purchasing capacity.

Mission Driven

Join a network of businesses and institutions focused on building healthy, sustainable and transparent local food systems.

Opportunities for Savvy Independent Farmers & Food Makers

Ditch the spreadsheets and emails. Simply ordering for your current customers. Connect with new sales opportunities. Access delivery services. Manage everything from a single dashboard. On your smart phone.

Maximize Value. Minimize Environmental Impact.

Optimize existing routes and backhaul capacity by filling empty truck space. Logistics providers capture new revenue with no added cost. Suppliers save money on fulfillment.  Everyone benefits from the smaller carbon footprint.

New Trading Partners Aligned with your Goals

Any qualified supplier or buyer on the Local Orbit platform can opt in to be introduced to prospective partners. Diversify your product list. Manage everything efficiently, with complete traceability.


The Future of Local and Sustainable Food Distribution is Networked.

Powered by Local Orbit.

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