The Local Orbit Index

Facts & Figures from the Local Orbit Network

Most iconic buyer

National Country Music Hall of Fame

Most unique business name

Fluster Cluck Farms

Most eclectic product

Cocoa & Mint Infused Sea Salt

Nut & nut-product listings


Percentage of supplier businesses owned by women


Most frequently ordered item

Pasture Raised Eggs

Highest selling dairy item

Whole Milk Yogurt

Total current product listings


Average price per pound of tomatoes in 2015


Average tomato prices by category





Specialty & Heirloom


Cherry & Grape


Introducing The Local Orbit Index


We’re pleased to introduce the Local Orbit Index, a new feature where we’ll be sharing useful and interesting data we’re seeing in local food markets - based on real-time activity across our platform.  


We'll highlight market trends and share unexpected information. We'll tell the story of what's happening in the rapidly evolving new food economy - with data. 


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