Understand the story of your data.

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Data is a critical part of the toolkit that will help us build a smarter, healthier food system.


We hear a lot about “Big Data” these days but there’s a lot of confusion about what exactly “Big Data” means and how it affects people’s work.

Businesses across the supply chain generate millions of transactions on a daily basis. Transactions include all aspects of the sales and procurement process, from selecting suppliers, to managing products, to placing orders, tracking the deliveries, updating inventories, and so on. Each of these activities contains tiny pieces of information, that when taken together as a collection, add up to valuable insight to industry trends and customer habits.

Local Orbit is singularly focused on enabling transparent, safe, and fair supply chains. We do this by providing the tools, services, and resources to support you in getting your daily work done and help you grow your business.

We’ve added powerful discovery tools into our platform to consolidate all your data in one place and make it easy to understand trends, opportunities, and problems. If you understand the data generated by your daily activities, you’ll have tools to help you make better decisions.  You’ll be able to plan more effectively and understand your position in the new food economy. You can also tell a compelling story, with the data and visualizations to support it.

We are developing the Local Orbit platform to enable deeply connected, collaborative and transparent supply chains that provide shared value for everyone.

As suppliers, buyers, processors and logistics providers connect their data with trading partners, they’ll each develop a more accurate understanding of supply, demand and logistics services across the supply chain.

The result?  Less guess work. Reduced food waste. Increased efficiency and utilization of trucks, warehouses, and processing capacity.


The impact?  A smarter, healthier food system that transforms local economies.

Understand the story of your data.

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