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Local Orbit is the supply chain platform for a new, connected food economy.

Custom Software Development

for New Food Economy Businesses

Supply Chain Development

and Network Optimization

Sales and Business Management

Tools for Local Food Suppliers

Dashboards and Data

Visualization Services

We help people build profitable businesses and healthier communities.

The way we eat is changing.

Food buyers and suppliers are reinventing the way they operate to meet consumer demand for local, sustainably produced food. Local Orbit’s platform supports these emerging supply chains that are changing the way we eat.

  •  Affordable, thoughtfully designed Sales and Business Management Tools for local food aggregators, distributors, and producers.

  • network that connects suppliers with new markets; buyers with new suppliers; and helps businesses leverage existing delivery capacity in their communities.

Welcome to the new food economy.

Buyers & Suppliers


Annual Growth in Local Supplier Sales

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