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Field Notes

Ideas, stories and resources for re-linking the food chain.

Local Orbit’s Software Development Process

by Jackie Cohen, Local Orbit Software Engineer  As a software engineer at Local Orbit, of course I write code – but that’s not all. I do larger scale product development tasks with the team as well as smaller tasks, including, data management for development of team... read more

Conversations Across the Supply Chain

I’m on the road this month, attending events for institutional foodservice operators, local food suppliers, and a conversation about reducing food waste hosted by Panasonic’s Innovation Lab. Universities, schools, healthcare facilities and other... read more

Can software loosen Big Food’s grip on institutions?

We love this visualization of the Local Orbit network, which was recently published in piece about  LocalEyes, our Supplier Management Service for institutions, at The New Food Economy. Increasingly, large institutions are setting food procurement standards that... read more

LINC Foods and Gonzaga University: A Case Study

LINC Foods and Gonzaga University: A Case Study The Challenge Students at Gonzaga University are demanding more local food options and greater visibility into the sources of supply. In response, the University established aggressive goals with its dining services... read more

Can Local Food Help the California Drought?

The National Drought Mitigation Center reports that even with short-term rainfall this winter, severe drought will continue throughout much of California. How can local food systems help address this? By increasing the supply of these same crops, grown locally.

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Jason Houston’s Farm Photos on Local Orbit

We love the farming and food production photos on our homepage which are the work documentary photographer Jason Houston, who writes: For over a decade I photographed farms and farmers in the Berkshires in Western Massachusetts where I lived from 2000-2012. I started... read more

Small Farm Tech: Food’s Past and Future at Work

It’s easy to think of the small farm as a bastion of The Way Things Used to Be. And it’s comforting. But the reality of small, organic farms is that they are constantly seeking new ways to do more with technology. They’re seeking to increase production, build advanced... read more

Relocalizing Food Supply Chains with Tech & the Power of Story

Human brains are wired for story; this is what makes us human and enables us to learn, communicate, remember and act. In “Wired for Story,” Lisa Cron writes “Story, as it turns out, was crucial to our evolution—more so than opposable thumbs. Opposable thumbs let us hang on; story told us what to hang on to.”

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Erika Block Speaks About Local Ag Innovation at Grow Riverside

Erika’s presentation illustrates how the consumer demand for local food is growing despite distribution challenges and the recession. She introduces the concept of a shifting landscape whereby restaurants, hospitals and governments are creating initiatives to increase their local buying power. Erika also shares Local Orbit’s vision for relinking the food chain.

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