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We help people build profitable businesses and healthier communities.

Local Orbit is the supply chain platform for people who are creating a new, connected food economy.

We have the tools you need to buy, sell and distribute

local food through shorter, transparent distribution networks.

Who Uses Local Orbit?

Local Orbit is designed with the flexibility to support the innovative business models & regional diversity that are hallmarks of the New Food Economy.

Why Choose Local Orbit?

Connectors & Market Makers

Food hubs, farmers markets and independent aggregators that facilitate direct sales.

Universities, Hospitals, Restaurants

Purchase through Local Orbit powered markets. For organizations with their own local supplier networks, our vendor management services simplify procurement.

Producer Cooperatives

Groups of farmers and specialty producers who partner for marketing, sales and distribution.

Farmers & Food Makers

Sell through Local Orbit powered markets in their communities. They also create their own ordering systems & aggregate from other nearby producers.

Independent Distributors

Create ordering systems for local products. They also provide 3rd party delivery services.

Buying Groups

Create private, local ordering systems for members. Buying groups may also source through Local Orbit powered markets in their regions.

Why Choose Local Orbit?

Juggling spreadsheets, sticky notes, Quickbooks, emails and phone calls limits your business’s growth. There’s a better way. Save time and increase profitability.


No Risk, No Start Up Costs

Affordable tools that grow with you, at every stage of your business. No upfront investment. 30-day free trial.

Operational Efficiency

Run your business from a single dashboard, accessible from any device, wherever and whenever you need it.

Unrivaled Flexibility

Custom branding, granular pricing, multiple payment options, versatile discount codes and delivery tools.

Streamlined Financials

Track the status of every transaction. Collect & record payments with the click of a button – or have us take care of it for you.

Intuitive Design

Supports the management processes you already use. Incorporates best practices from successful businesses.

Transparency & Flexibility

Tell customers the story of your products.  Track the supply chain journey.  Maintain clear records of your local procurement history.

Our Technology: Smart. Secure. Flexible.

Our cloud-based technology is scalable, reliable and worry-free, so you can focus on your customers.

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Streamlined Ordering

Full-featured e-commerce for buyers, or order entry by your sales team. Process orders the way you prefer to manage your business.

Financial Management

One dashboard simplifies your day-to-day financials: track money in and out, send invoices, make payments to your sellers.

Inventory Management

Real-time inventory. Adjust pricing and quantities on the fly. Simple or lot-based inventory options to ensure deep traceability.

Efficient Logistics

Generate pick lists and packing slips. Automated emails remind buyers and sellers about upcoming deliveries. Producers maintain their brand throughout the process.

Integrated Marketing

Manage everything in one place: create discounts, promotions, newsletters and Fresh Sheets in minutes. Integrate your Facebook or Twitter feeds.

Reporting and Analysis

Power your business with knowledge. Sophisticated, easy-to-use reports let you track your business weekly, monthly and year-over-year.

LocalEyes Vendor Management Service for High Volume Foodservice Purchasers

Are you interested in purchasing from your favorite farms and local suppliers without the hassle of dozens of weekly emails, calls and invoices? Do you need detailed procurement reports with complete traceability? We’ve got a solution.

  • One Order – Many Vendors, One Payment
  • Traceability from Farm to Kitchen
  • Easy to Print and Share Producer Stories
  • Robust Reporting and Analysis
  • Integrate with Your Current Technology
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